Lunch ideas

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Below are a few Ideas to get you started:

Homemade soup made with bone broths, whole wheat sourdough bread, raw cheese, and butter.

Colorful salads with homemade olive oil dressing and protein like boiled eggs, canned tuna, salmon, oysters, or left over chicken from roasted chicken, beef etc.

Grilled or cold sandwiches using sourdough bread and protein like egg salad, canned tuna, salmon, raw cheese or left over roasted chicken, turkeybeef. Spread with mustard and sour cream instead of commercial mayonnaise. Top with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.

Sandwich using sourdough bread, raw cheese, pastured meat and fresh veggies.

Quesadilla using sourdough tortillas or rice tortilla with melted cheese and turkey or chicken, salads, and fresh fruit.

Sourdough rustic tart or frittata with baked potatoes with lots of butter and good sour cream.

Rice with stir-fry vegis and a meat selection.


Always try to have a cultured condiment like Sauerkraut, lacto-fermented pickles or ginger carrots, sour cream, or a cultured drink.

For added fun serve chocolate milk made with natural sweeteners, or milkshake made with fresh fruit and raw milk.

Of course, these basic components can be combined in infinite variations depending on our family’s tastes.