Snack ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas

Looking for some healthy snack ideas? I try to eat most of my food at meals but sometimes I need a little snack in between. Active and growing children usually need a snack to keep going.

Cut celery with nut butter.

Hard boiled eggs

Hummus with veggies.

Organic, nitrate-free beef, turkey or salmon jerky

Crispy nuts with dried fruit.

Potato chips fried in lard coconut oil

Banana chips

Home-made energy bars

Organic Lara bars or Kind Bars.

Lacto-fermented pickles

Plain full-fat yogurt or kefir with maple syrup and fresh fruit.

Whipped cream and fruit.

Cultured granola with whole raw milk.

Sourdough bagels or bread with butter or cheese.

Rice crackers(Edward and Son’s) with nut butters

Sourdough crackers with raw butter or cheese.

Dark chocolate that is at least 65 % cocoa

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