Nutrition for Athletes

Nutrition For Athletes and Active People

Nutrition for athletes has always interested me because most of my life I have been surrounded by people who have led active lives. My Mom was the first women in Alberta, Canada to finish a Marathon and is in The Calgary Marathon Hall of Fame. My Dad is in the Banff Sports Hall of Fame and all my siblings are very active in skiing, climbing, hiking, and more… My husband and I ran Windance Sailboards  for 24 years and our two kids are both very athletic. The photo on the right is our daughter competing in gymnastics.

During my competitive years in ski racing and windsurfing, I never received any information on how to eat to increase my performance. The usual thought was that if you were active, you could eat anything! Many athletes still think this way.  It does not help to have our Olympics sponsored by MacDonald’s and Coke! We are getting bombarded by the food Industry trying to get us to eat highly sweetened energy drinks, protein powders and sports bars loaded with lots of cheap processed ingredients. Then there is the misguided information about low-fat and high carbohydrates for athletes. I believe we need lots of good fats and whole food to power us. Check out nutrition for athletes from traditional cultures.

After studying Nutrition, I realize how important food is for athletes. It will ensure they stay healthy while they are competing and preforming and also when they get older.