Sports drink

Real Sports Drinks

Active people have been targeted by the marketing of commercial sports drinks and I think this is a very scary situation. Most of these products are highly processed and unfit for any body especially a developing body. The processed food industry is very powerful politically. They even fund University studies. Some of the major ingredients in these products include high fructose corn syrup, concentrated fruit juices and other processed sweeteners. Many studies have shown that concentrated fructose is more harmful than refined sugar. They then add artificial flavours, dyes and synthetic vitamins and sometimes caffeine- Not what you want in your body! Your favorite sports drink may even contain aspartame and you don’t even know it! They are poured into plastic bottles and shipped many miles. This is not only bad for our health but the health of the environment.

Only when sweating has been profuse, do you need to replace the electrolytes. Many people who eat a well balanced diet containing Celtic sea salt and good saturated fats will never have to worry about this.

If sweating has been profuse, electrolytes can be replaced by drinking a cultured beverage, pure mineral water, or a home-made sports drink.

What about water?

Good filtered fresh water (not bottled) is great most of the time but have you ever been so thirty but then when you drink a lot of cold water, you feel a little sick to the stomach? Too much water can over-stress the kidneys. When you have a cultured drink you tend to not gulp it as much and the pro-biotics in the whey help the stomach digest.

Saturated fats also keep you warm and hydrated. The amount of fluid liberated from the metabolism of fats is way higher than from carbohydrates and protein. Your body can utilize the fluid metabolized from fat without over stressing the kidneys when too much water is drunk.