Healthy Appetizers

I like to bring healthy appetizers to a party or pot-luck. I have some easy recipes like the Tomato Basil Salad and ones that need a little more time like the Spinach Feta Triangles. All are made with fresh healthy ingredients and are prepared in such a way to make them nutrient-dense. Try and find local ingredients that are in season. I encourage you to use whole grains that have been properly prepared by soaking or sprouting like in the Cultured Dough Crackers and Rustic Tarts. I also recommend pre-soaking your legumes like in the hummus recipe. It makes these grains as well as legumes easier to digest and increases the availability of nutrients.

Before I learned to cook this healthy way, I used to buy frozen appetizers, chips or bottled salad dressings. I now look at those processed foods and can’t believe the added ingredients. Most contain cheap unhealthy fats like hydrogenated, cottonseed and Canola oils. The list of unnatural flavorings are scary because some are neurotoxic. Most are made with white flour and some are even sweetened with high fructose corn syrup!

There is nothing like a home-made appetizer that is made with care. Try these recipes and you won’t be disappointed.

Appetizers recipes: