Meat From Properly Raised Animals Is Good For You And The Environment


Properly raised cows produce healthy beef. You need to make an extra effort to buy organic, grass-fed local meat. Most cheap meat sold in large supermarkets are from confinement cows. They are fed an unnatural diet of grains including soy that is usually loaded with chemicals. The cows are usually injected with hormones and antibiotics. They produce piles of manure that go on to pollute local streams. Small-scale organic farms use their manure to fertilize the land to grow the best vegetables.

Grass-fed organic meat is loaded with many nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body. This beef has many beneficial fats including Omega 3 and CLA (conjugated Linoliec acid). So, don’t avoid the fat! Many healthy cultures from around the world include red meat in their traditional dishes.

I try to buy a side of beef once a year from a local farmer. I make sure the butcher gives me all the bones for beef stock, liver (sliced), heart(ground) and the muscle meat. They are cut into roasts, steaks, stew meat and ground and then wrapped in paper. I always ask that the butcher not to trim the fat because the fat is loaded with nutrients, helps you assimilate the vitamins and satiates better that low fat. A large freezer is a must! This is the most economical way to eat good meat. You don’t need to eat large quantities. My family can cook up one steak (like the above photo) and share it among the four of us.



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