Chicken and Turkey

It’s Best To Try To Source Your Poultry Locally

The skinless and boneless chicken and turkey that is wrapped in plastic and sold at most grocery stores are usually from hens raised in crowded indoor factory farms that were fed cheap feed with lots of pesticides and kept alive with antibiotics. You should eat or use all the parts (skin, bones, fat, meat and organs, white and dark meat) because these parts contain many beneficial nutrients.

I try to find a local source of pasture-fed and free-range that was fed organic feed that does not contain soy. I then fill my freezer with them.

I usually start out the first meal with a roasted bird. After the meal, I pick off all the left-over meat and then make a rich stock with the bones. The rest of the meat I use in soups, casseroles, and sandwiches for the next few days.

All of these recipes are tested by my family!

Chicken and Turkey recipes: