Cultured Vegetables

Cultured Vegetables Are So Beneficial To Our Digestion

If I was to recommend only “one” change to most people’s diets, it would be to increase the consumption of foods that have been cultured or fermented. You can ferment almost anything but my favorites are dairy in the form of kefir and vegetables.

I suffered from digestive problems for over 20 years. I can trace it back to a time when I was on many antibiotics. I tried many methods of healing but did not start to feel better until I introduced lacto-fermented (cultured) vegetables to my diet. I now try to have something cultured twice a day in the form of kefir, sour cream, cultured beverage or lacto-fermented vegetables.

The ancient technique of lacto-fermentation preserves vegetables for 6 to 9 months. This method of preserving is far superior to canning because it does not require heat that can destroy the valuable enzymes. The natural bacteria’s that act as preservatives enhance the nutritional value as well as provide the “good” bacteria that keep our stomach flora in balance. The other bonus is that it adds flavor to every dish!


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