“Real” Dairy Products

What’s “Real”?

Dairy can be one of nature’s most nutritious foods if the following guidelines are followed:

-Animals are fed mainly a diet of organic grass and hay.

-Animals do not receive hormones or antibiotics.

-Animals lives outside most of their life.

-Is not skimmed of its natural fat.

-Is raw* (not pasteurized).

-Is not homogenized.

-Does not have “questionable” additives and preservatives.

-Cow’s milk comes from older breeds like Jersey, Guernsey.

In Canada, milk can be consumed raw but can not be purchased raw. You can either buy it from the U.S. or own the cow (cow-share). Cheese can be purchased and consumed raw if the cheese is aged over 60 days.

I used to think I was allergic to milk because I never felt good when I consumed it. Then about 10 years ago I started obtaining “real” milk. With the combination of the “real” milk and healing my gut with cultured foods and bone broths, I now can enjoy milk, cheese, kefir, yogurt, whipping cream… I can even consume milk that is not “real” on occasion and feel fine.

For more information on Raw dairy, go to RealMilk.com

Dairy recipes: