Desserts and Sweets

Ah Yes, SWEETS! What Can I Say?

Trying to make my favorite sweets; desserts, cookies, or cakes healthier has been a mission of mine for many years.

Most of the treats in the store or in many of our cookbooks are made with refined flour, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, refined agave , and artificial flavorings. They also usually contain a questionable fat (hydrogenated, canola,cottonseed..) I remember a big can of Crisco that we used for our cookies when I was younger!

Most of the recipes here are made with whole natural ingredients. I try to always include “real” organic butter, lard or coconut oil as the fat. I then add something like Rapadura or Sucanant (whole cane sugars), maple syrup or honey. I like to try to include eggs from free-ranging chickens and then use properly prepared grains, nuts and seeds. When you make a treat like these, you can feel good about feeding them to your friends and family. I always try to limit desserts to a few times a week.

I included many of my old favorites that I changed to be more nutrient-dense. I have also collected many new ones that are big hits and I’m sure you will agree.

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Desserts and Sweets recipes: