Eggs From Healthy Hens Are One Of Natures Most Nutritious Foods

Whenever I need an quick and easy meal to prepare, eggs are always there to save the day!

When properly produced they are rich in many nutrients, especially fat-soluble vitamins A and D. They also provide sulphur-containing proteins, choline and special long-chain fatty acids.

For the best nutritional value and to be sure your eggs are not contaminated with salmonella, you should seek out a local source. Ask the farmer if the chickens are out on organic pastures or free-ranging most of the year where they can eat worms, bugs and green plants. It’s best if they are fed organic feed that does not contain soy. These type have a much better nutritional profile than the ones that come from confinement chickens that are fed questionable feed and don’t ever see a worm or the light of day. If you need to get them from a store, contact the company and ask how the chickens are raised.

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Healthy chickens produce healthy eggs that can be eaten raw or cooked. I have a raw yolk in my smoothie every second day! Try to limit your raw “egg-whites” consumption because the whites contain a substance that can block absorption of biotin (a b-complex vitamin). Cooking neutralizes this substance.

Eggs recipes: