Soups and Bone Broths

The Secret To Good Healthy Soup Is In The Stock!

My “soup recipes” used to come from either a can or I would start them by adding a bouillon cube to water. I always wondered why some people’s soups were so good and mine tasted so artificial. Then I learned to make traditional bone broths that use bones from animals that were free-ranging and vegetables that were grown in healthy soil. The mixture is left to simmer for many hours and this beautiful broth is the secret to a great bowl of soup and yummy sauces.

Broths are just one of the many traditional foods that contributed to my and my families improved health. I found I had more energy, my husband stopped taking his glucosamine sulfate pills for his sore joints, and my kids started having dental check-ups with no cavities! Good broth not only tastes amazing but when made properly it is loaded with many beneficial factors. For a complete description check out this article Broth is Beautiful

or order this bookNourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World.

The bottom line is that we need to bring back traditional bone broths like our Grandparents made and get rid of all the artificial flavorings that are added to most commercial soups and sauces. The “fake” soups and sauces are lacking in all the beneficial factors that are in traditional bone broths and are loaded with many Excitotoxins

Soups and Bone Broths recipes: